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Pneumatic stilts



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Pneumatic stilts



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Legend says they are not humans but demigods, as they wandered the earth for centuries and survived those who told or wrote about them in ancient scrolls and books.


They are said to read the souls of men and see the shadows of the future caressing the present, guessing what will happen long before it does, but they don't let much more show than they don't. wish.


They are five in total, and they are called "the Oracles"...


Madhou, an ambiguous creature between shadow and light, opens the way and juggles with the elements.


Islys knows ancient benevolent rituals and the energies of the universe, the secrets of man are written in his book.


Xaskar, his elusive opposite who knows darkness, always accompanies him according to the principle of unity, for there is no light without shadow nor day without night.


Astran and Nenras, the twins, divine guardians, watch over the group, protect it and escort it.


Whatever the era in which they find themselves, they pass and adapt with elegance and shamelessness, as if time and fashion did not exist, because their being goes beyond appearances...


If you've met them, you'll find it hard to forget them, so elegant, ethereal and mysterious, they see without eyes, speak without needing words, listen to the thoughts of those who fall under their spell...


A phantasmagoric stroll made up of five artists (an actress, a juggler, three rebounding stilt walkers). This service includes three outings of approximately 40 minutes.

[ In progress, more visuals to come ]

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